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GOA Endorses Bob Dalley for Mesa County Sheriff

Unfortunately, the citizens of Mesa County have been underserved by the questionable law enforcement policies made by previous and current Mesa County Sheriff’s Office leadership. These officials only seem to have a desire to serve their political masters in Denver at the expense of the community they are duty-bound to serve and protect.

Such conduct is disconcerting considering the stated mission of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and given the language of their oath of office found within CO Rev Stat § 24-12-101. That solemn oath requires that the actions of the sheriff must conform to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Colorado.

With the rise of Federal and State level efforts to restrict the right to keep and bear arms, with legislation such as unconstitutional Red Flag laws, Sheriffs have arguably never been more important than they are right now. The Constitution enshrines the people’s God-given right to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment. As misguided politicians seek to strip the citizenry of their liberties for the ill-defined “common good,” Sheriffs are their last line of defense in this desperate political battle.

The citizens of Mesa County deserve a Sheriff who understands the fact that the Second Amendment protects our most precious human possessions and most fundamental liberties. Those include the right to life, meaning the right to protect one’s own body and the lives of those we love, which enables us to “pursue [our] own great happiness.” The failure of Mesa County Sheriff’s Office leadership to comprehend those fundamental truths, coupled with their unprincipled approach to law enforcement,is unacceptable. Mesa County requires pro-gun law enforcement leadership, who exemplify our First Principles, uphold the Rule of Law, and have a blazing passion to defend the liberties of all Coloradans.

Mesa County Sheriff Candidate, Bob Dalley recently remarked to his supporters, “We live in uncertain times. With pandemics, out-of-control government(s), mandates, and tyrannical edicts, the Constitution has never been more important, and in particular the second amendment, because without it, the rest is just ink on paper. From the beginning, the second amendment is the one RIGHT that keeps us from government overreach and is unique to the United States. I took that oath thirty-two years ago to uphold, defend and obey the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Colorado. I remain true to that sacred oath.”

Consequently, Mr. Dalley strongly opposes recent State and Federal gun control as they are unconstitutional and should be immediately repealed.That’s why Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse Bob Dalley forMesa County Sheriff so that we can restore constitutional law enforcement practices to Mesa County.

We must passionately strive to preserve liberty at the local level,and that effort begins by electing a Sheriff, like Bob Dalley. We need sheriffs who maintain their oath of office and defend the liberties of their citizens from unconstitutional governmental overreach. Bob Dalley understands the critical nature of these restorative efforts and will defend the liberties of the citizens of Mesa County.

A vote for Dalley is a vote for Freedom!

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In Liberty,

Tony DeGusipe
National Director, State and Local Affairs
Operations Director for Gun Owners of America


Rocky Mountain Gun Owners endorses Bob Dalley for Sheriff (100%)


Today, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Super PAC is proud to announce the endorsement of Bob Dalley for Mesa County Sheriff as the 100% pro-gun option for Mesa County Sheriff.

“We are proud to endorse Bob in his race for Mesa County Sheriff,” said Taylor Rhodes, Director of RMGO SuperPAC. “Anyone who has ever met Bob knows his commitment to his community and the constitution of our great State and Country,” said Rhodes.

“We are thrilled to support Bob in his campaign to represent the people of Mesa County as their Sheriff. The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county and a critical elected official – especially to gun owners in a state that is under attack. Bob has demonstrated through his extensive experience within law enforcement that he knows his role as a badged officer is to be the protector of our rights, not the dictator of them,” said Rhodes. “Bob has consistently and openly opposed – and refused to enforce – “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation laws, arbitrary magazine capacity restrictions, so-called ‘assault weapons’ bans, and all other legislative attacks on our right to keep and bear arms. More so, Bob understands our Second Amendment freedoms are under attack at an unprecedented level in Colorado. That’s why he has vowed to protect our rights, scoring a 100% on the official RMGO Sheriff’s Candidate Questionnaire. If you value your right to keep and bear arms, Bob Dalley is the ONLY choice for Mesa County Sheriff,” said Rhodes. 

— Rocky Mountain Gun Owners


— Liberty

Bob Dalley is a conservative Christian who is a true patriot. He cares for the rights of the citizens of Mesa County, and is not a yes man to the federal law enforcement. The sheriff is the last line of defense against the governmental tyranny and over-reach we are seeing. Bob is more worried about helping the victims of crimes and ensuring justice is served, than he is about inconveniencing people who break our laws and seek to harm our citizens, by apprehending and holding them accountable. We support Bob because we admire honesty and a backbone in our government and law enforcement. Bob is not afraid to tell the truth and call out things that need to be changed. He has been an exceptional Law Man and patriot for years. Vote for Bob Dalley! — Boone Savoca
Owner of Right Way Property Management/Right Way Roofing
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

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